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✨ Goodbye 2022 & Hello 2023

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I have been starting to think about how to think about my annual reflection. What can I say, I’m an expert overthinker ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve listed some resources further down, but first, an Instagram trend I’ve really been digging. Out for 2023 and In for 2023. I’m guilty. I’m a sucker for making a list….. but, on the real, who’s not???

Anywho here goes these two lists. I recommend making your own lists. It’s prompting my 2022 lessons blog (coming to your inbox in the upcoming weeks.)

❌ 30 Things Out for 2023

  1. Bottling up emotions onto the dusty shelf.
  2. Being agreeable and pleasing people.
  3. Meaningless productivity.
  4. Pressure to do all the things.
  5. Rushing.
  6. Defining myself by my career and what I do rather than who I am.
  7. Judgment of all shapes and sizes.
  8. Shame for feeling like I need a reason to enjoy walking barefoot to watch the sunset.
  9. Pushing love away.
  10. Music in public places especially on hikes and at the beach.
  11. Itching bug bites until they scar.
  12. Heartburn.
  13. Bloody noses.
  14. Forgetting to walk.
  15. A watch tan.
  16. Hair dye.
  17. Panic attacks.
  18. Embarrassment for my bad handwriting.
  19. Monotonous routines that don’t add energy to my life.
  20. Expecting the worst to happen.
  21. Cheap apples.
  22. Indulging in sweets more than once a day.
  23. Impulsive defensiveness with unwanted criticism.
  24. Continuing conversations that are swimming in anger.
  25. Being a coward rather than a leader of how I would like myself or neighbors to be treated.
  26. Defining my runs by numbers like my heart rate, cadence, pace or distance on my Garmin instead of how I’m feeling.
  27. Know-it-all lecture-esque energy while teaching. This usually stems from a lack of security that I am competent enough. I am.
  28. Feeling bad for saying no to booze.
  29. Embarrassment for needing time alone. The more time I spend with myself, the more I realize that I’m an extroverted introvert. I feel depleted if I expect myself to be around folks all the time and still be my best self.
  30. Embarrassment for being myself. Yes I am an overthinker. Yes I sleep with socks on when it’s cold as heck. Yes somedays I want roots and commitments while other days I couldn’t imagine my life any other way than that of a tumbleweed bopping around.

On a more positive note…

✅ 30 Things In for 2023

  1. Being like a tree that is strong and slowly growing with seasons to prune and seasons to bloom.
  2. Listening to full albums of music.
  3. Frequenting the movie theater, company optional and leaving movie reviews on Letterboxd.
  4. Using Goodreads for unfinished books.
  5. Live concerts.
  6. Completing my first Olympic distance triathlon.
  7. Doing something for the hell of it like making a whole pot of tea for one or learning to handstand.
  8. Going to New Zealand.
  9. Aging and embracing what comes with my path in life. The passage of time does not equate to decaying.
  10. Eating more protein. My body is a machine and needs nourishment.
  11. Spinach salads.
  12. Noticing surprises in my life, smiling and writing them down.
  13. Creating and completing a book project.
  14. Studying poetry.
  15. Bananas.
  16. Regular moisturization with avocado lotion.
  17. Giving love and hugging it in.
  18. Having regular therapy sessions.
  19. Open questions and active listening.
  20. Looking bad in hats and wearing them anyways to minimize squinting.
  21. Sharing marginalia in books with friends.
  22. Intentional sun soaking and conscious belly breathing in the AM.
  23. Maxing out my retirement account in this bearish market. Buying low is a bet worth making.
  24. Listening and paying attention to my body even when that means putting the training plan to the wayside.
  25. Accepting all feelings no matter their color or texture.
  26. Being silly for the sake of being silly.
  27. Intimate gatherings with friends to converse about life.
  28. Sending spontaneous handwritten notes.
  29. Feeling small while stargazing under the beautifully lit sky.
  30. Remembering that mistakes are lessons for my future self.

Originally published in ✨ Letter 139: Goodbye 2022 & Hello 2023


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