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📨 Why did I start my newsletter?

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I figured what did I have to lose?

Back in 2020, I always looked forward to the newsletter of my favorite online writers each week like James Clear, Shane Parrish, and Mark Manson. I knew myself and that my natural tendency is not to share. I needed a forcing function to share publicly. I wasn't sure if anyone would read these, but I knew it was an experiment worth running to see how it went. I never knew I would make it this far but it has led to countless benefits. To list just a few, this has:

  1. Served as a playground to share half-baked ideas
  2. Made learning more enjoyable knowing I can share the knowledge with others
  3. Helped me crystallize my own ideas
  4. Opened the door to people I would never have been in connection with
  5. Given me an outlet to find my voice and more intentionally understand what I consume while actively questioning it
  6. Held me accountable and create public evidence that I can show up and follow through on my promises
  7. Last but not least, apart from my journaling, this weekly letter has been one of the few things consistent in my life. There hasn't been much stability in my life and in pursuing this weekly ritual, it has afforded me the feeling of self-reliance and trusting myself.

🔄 Why do I keep on writing it?

Those seven reasons above are a slew of benefits that were my initial thoughts. they’ve evolved a bit to fit uniwuyely into my life now.

Here are seven more reasons:

  1. Create a launching off pad for cure my intellectual loneliness. Island life is winderful but I’d be lying if I didn’t come forward and admit that I do struggle to finding friends that match my nerdiness.
  2. I love writing. The process of reflection and refining my thoughts is intrinsically motivating and enjoyable. Despite the usual dread of publishing, I absolutely love the process of writing these letters each week. I change the topics based on where my curiosity leads me.
  3. Proof of work to self to identify as a writer. It keeps me confident with anyone when I share the identity with them that I am a writer. I’d hate to ever be someone who says I’m an author. That is a one and done label that doens’t show that you are in the arena still showing up. It’s kind of like seasonal sports. I’m mostly a surfer only in the summer when the south swell is up or a skiier when I am in Michigan in the winter.
  4. Stay connected to the world. Just because I live on an island, by no means is because I want to ostracize myself from connection. Community is still a top priority for me. That is much of my professional responsibilities revolve around cultivating connection and marketing products for the House of Pure Aloha.
  5. A vehicle to create rather than only consume. Each time I read, watch, listen, or converse about something, I immediately put it into a backlog of ideas to share in a letter someday. Consumption ignites my spark to create.
  6. Having skin in the game by sharing with my name on it. I grew up as an agreeable midwestern gal. The idea of having controversial spiky points of view that cause conflict are still something I get hives thinking about. For Pete’s sake, that’s why I dedicated a month of this past year to doing something daunting. These ranged from volleyball court and setting to the Internet when I tweeted uncomfortable things.
  7. For my future self to look back on how my life has changed. For example, I forgot in letter 40 that I met my Dutch cousin Bruno for the first time.

That’s a wrap. If you’ve ever considered writing a newsletter or have specific questions about it, feel free to reach out! It’s been one of my favorite things and I’d love to share it with more folks and inspire them to start one!

This was originally shared in 🗞️ Letter 138: Why do I write this newsletter?


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