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Trusting your trust?

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Trust is both an emotional and logical act. Emotionally, it is where you expose your vulnerabilities to people. It’s believing someone will not take advantage of your openness.

Unlike other emotions, trust feels logical and stable. We feel it and expect to. Emotions associated with trust include companionship and friendship. It’s expecting to have a shoulder to lean on and someone to keep your secrets. Someone who will love you despite your insecurities. It is an agreement to be welcoming to one another. To feel relaxed, comfortable, and on the same page.

Since all these emotions are wrapped into logic, it feels like it’s not a choice. When looking deeper into this more complex feeling, trust is a choice. To be secretive in safeguarding yourself or open.

Building on that trust within a relationship takes time. When starting a new friendship with someone, the choice is to trust them. If plans are set, that they will show up. If a decision is made, that it will be stood by. Without instilling trust, what is there?


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