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True Character

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My professor in college told me that “what you do when no one is looking matters”. This is what shows one’s true character. It’s because there is no incentive to do what is good. It shows who you truly are.

Traveling creates a tool to build character. While surrounded by strangers in a foreign environment, there’s no pressure. There’s no reputation to uphold since others don’t know you. You get to do as you please. Your actions showcase the type of person you are when no one is looking

Another form of true character is authenticity. It means to act as you are for the sake of it. Being authentic is an attempt to stop caring what others think. In other words, it’s impossible to be a people pleaser and be authentic. With the caveat, that self-awareness is essential to recognize your honest thoughts. Much of life gets wound up in questioning whether it is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Authenticity is a tool to act as you know by living out your values that align with them.

Your actions build up over time. They reinforce the projection of your reality to yourself. Also with others who get graced with your presence in the world. Confidence builds up once character has enough evidence to prove who you are. If you put in the repetition, the dividends will follow.


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