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Teleportation Traveling

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The ability to transfer from one point to another without traversing the physical space.

Why is this desirable?

Well for starters it is COVID-19 friendly. There is no refund or get to hit pause on our Bus ride of life. You can get more bang for your buck with more time at a destination. You can see more in less time.

Do I actually want to see more in less time? Why do I think that I do?

There is something special about getting on a plane. It allows time to mentally prepare for the next step in the journey.

That is the problem with wishes: you never actually know what you want.

If a genie were to ask me what I’d wish for, I would want more wishes of course. This assumes that I like having wishes. What if after the first wish I end up finding out that I don’t like having them. Sure I can be altruistic like Aladdin and give the wish to free the genie. Though that can lead to analysis paralysis of not knowing who to share the good deed with.

If I were to be able to arrive at a destination without the exhaustion of travel, would I still have as much joy from traveling?

The journey of squeezing everything into a suitcase and shlepping it to the airport. The elevation change on the plane. These are parts of why I get so excited about where I am going. These steps around traveling prepare me as I prepare to go on a new adventure.

Some of the best memories I am proud of was when I didn’t know where I was going. This happened on my 6,000-mile road trip with my cousins Joos across the U.S. We enjoyed the stops along the way. The time we swapped driving in the car listening to Dutch music. The whole point was not to race to places.

It is native to think teleportation to the destination will create more enjoyment. Needlessly sprinting. Taking a shortcut on a pre-determined path is not the best answer.


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