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The Superpower of Self Knowledge

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While reviewing processed information, a new understanding can be gained. The learning loop is never over. It is not complete.

While re-reading a book, the words do not change. But the interpretation does. We humans get shaped from our life experiences accrued. If the interpreter changes then the information evolves with it. Learning means to simultaneously understand in the present and remember from the past.

Society always pushes us to flock towards the news. The next juicy story. The new shiny object. Novelty is not always the answer. This is why I believe in reviewing information.

As James Clear has stated: “When reading books or listening to podcasts or taking advice, remember that everyone is biased to their personal history. The world is complex and there is no single path to success. Look for patterns that are repeated across many successful people, not single stories.”

A survivorship bias can easily be fallen into. We tend to view the performance of existing case studies in the market as a representative comprehensive sample. Without regarding those that did not, this is biased. It selectively chooses the population to look at. The lack of visibility across a global spectrum creates false conclusions.

We need diversity of self- thought. This is attained through realization of growth. Going back to a childhood room and feeling like an outgrown shoe– a visceral example showcasing evolution of oneself.


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