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Simple yet Significant

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“Make it simple, but significant.” said the creative director of a Manhattan advertising firm Don Draper in the TV series Mad Men.

With this philosophy top of mind, Draper creatively positions products to his audience. He believes that having the most complex product or service is not necessary. It needs to be simple which in turn creates value.

So much of the showiness that takes place in the world is because of the ego.

It wants to come off as pretentious. An attempt to impress by seeming of greater importance.

Choose not to be assuming by being complex. Don’t lay claim to more than necessary. Being assuming creates exclusion.

In communication, the goal is to create connections through the common tongue. It is not admirable to stir up confusion. That is unnecessary.

Make it simple for people to understand what they will be getting out of it and how it operates.

Some of my favorite meals are the simplest yet leave the most significant impact of flavor on my palette. Even my favorite vegetable is simple, yet, cucumbers leave significant hydration.

Choose to be simple yet significant in more areas than one in your life.


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