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It is hard not to let her come into the picture. She is always there.

This awareness of this evaluation brings on a forcing function to the driver. Once you have awareness of the problem, you cannot go back to the ignorance of pretending the problem didn’t exist. As philosopher Epictetus said, “An ignorant person is inclined to blame others for his own misfortune. To blame oneself is proof of progress. But the wise man never has to blame another or himself.” The awareness of ignorance is the start of wisdom

We humans, what do we have? Our intuition? A scheduled annual check with the doctor in hopes that they will actually realize that we are overall ‘healthy’. Humans do not have alerts for running low on fuel like cars do. Different lights for different things like energy, mood, or sleep. All that we have is awareness of self.

If awareness cultivates then we can notice triggers. For instance, I start to become fleeting when I get anxious and avoid reality. There are underlying reasons I feel that way. It takes creating space around it to acknowledge why this has come on.

These triggers create discomfort but when leaning in are what matter. With the awareness comes a more helpful analysis of what is going on. If we are going to evaluate, do so rationally with your head along with emotionally with your heart.


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