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Rip the playbook

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If you follow the path of what normal is, then you a lead of life of being average. If you want to live life differently than you need to begin again.

We have a responsibility to live our life by questioning authority. We need to investigate and not believe everything we hear. This means trusting our intuition.

Change the timeline to make it unique to yourself. The playbook operates in living by the 12-month calendar. Try reverse-engineering and think backward. Write out what you want to achieve and see what needs to happen today to begin. When it is out in front of you, it is easier to be visualized and more likely to manifest. That is what I have done with marking my calendar for a half-marathon.

Follow people that you want to be more life. Don’t aimlessly go in the footsteps of someone because someone else said to. Vet the heroes you look up to and make sure you are listening to the advice that gets you to where you want to go.

Take time away from reality. When you’re bogged down with life it is hard to inspire creativity and daydream. If these seeds are planted in your subconscious than the dream is more likely to manifest itself.

Innovation happens when you start to think differently. If nobody taught you how to do your job, how would you choose to do it instead? Even if it is not how you thought initially, try something different, and challenge yourself to unlearn what you already have been programmed.

Think about what the worst thing that could happen. This mentally prepares you for it. It decreases the anxiety while taking a risk because you have thought about the different possibilities and are blind to realism.

Always upgraded your life system. The playbook is set and stone, but our lives are always evolving. We are the CEOs of our own lives, so how can we run this business better than it was before? This might mean switching up our routine. When you take a different route is opens you up to vulnerability. Creating some flexibility opens the door to introduce change and venture outside of your comfort zone. Only there can your true potential be met, so don’t live by the stagnate playbook. Create your own and never stop.


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