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Noticing the simple pleasures = happiness

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When you teach yourself to become aware of the little things, life becomes fuller. It doesn’t have to only be the day that you run that race that you are happy. It can also be every day up until it as well.

We can always want more. It is infinite. More is the common denominator that our society lives upon. It is surmounted with consumers. Craving ‘more’ is a moving target and it by no means equates to living a better life.

A nice walk at night with the dogs. A long stretch. Crispy peanut butter toast. A conversation with fully present listeners. The sound of the cat’s purring motor next to you. A laugh to your dad’s joke for the thousandth time.

As Robin William says while playing a therapist in the move Good Will Hunting, “You’ll have bad times, but that’ll always wake you up to the good stuff you weren’t paying attention to.

When a loved one passes, you feel the sadness enters. You realize there won’t be another conversation or another ice cream run or another rooster impersonation from your grandma again. Only in your imagination and in your prayers while talking to her. It is those things all added up together that we remember.

When you have a headache and you can’t do anything that you planned to since your mind is distressed. The normal state of not being achey was overlooked.

We don’t celebrate enough in life. It truly is a gift.


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