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My Write of Passage

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My favorite writing class ended last night. It was my third Write of Passage cohort and I have transformed again. It helped to create my strength. Through the craft of writing, I bonded with such a supportive and diverse community. It forced me to unmask. Through dancing with ideas, I understood how to become a creator from that of a passive consumer.

This course creates activation energy. That energy breeds courage to pursue what you have always wanted to but have been afraid to. Once you see other like-minded individuals sharing, starting newsletters, and creating websites, you think, “why can’t I?” Take the leap and act. I felt like a lemming on a cliff and leaned into anyways. The first step is always the most daunting.

I didn’t feel alone. I collaborated and didn’t have to be in absolute solitude for writing. I learned from others. I started to build my audience in public. The craft of writing serves as a forcing function to discover what peaks your interest.

Learning is innately challenging. The moment that it gets difficult, dropout rates increase. The comfort zone becomes the default option. Mistakes hurt our egos. It breaks down who we believe we are. Learning changes what we thought we knew. Write of Passage gave me online friends that encourage me to stick with it anyways.

With the support of peers and stellar learning experience, I conquered. Physical classrooms now have limitations. You can gain diversity in an online classroom that in real life never could.

I don’t know where I’d be without my Write of Passage.


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