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We are all weird. Some of us choose to lean into it. Some of us stick with the status quo.

A phrase that the Dutch have comes to mind: doe normaal. It translates to mean just be normal already! You already be acting crazy enough.

This phrase roots from the Dutch fearing non-conformity. They take pride in their sense of normalcy. This saying is a hard truth to someone who is acting out of the ordinary. Someone who isn’t acting Dutch.

I didn’t agree with it when I first heard it. I found it funny coming from a country where standing out is desirable. I was very surprised to find out that Dutch prefer to blend in. It doesn’t mean to stop acting weird, but to stop acting out of the ordinary. This means refraining from bragging or discussing money.

What bothers me about acting normal is the lack of authenticity. No one gets to fully show their personality or emotion. They help you to connect better with other individuals. It provides deeper insight who you get along with in the long run.

In Spring 2014, “most memorable” was my nomination for the senior superlative. Out of 440 students, me? What for? I am not quite sure exactly still. I believe it is because I finally came out of my shell. I stopped being as shy and let people know me more. I wasn’t “Doe normaal” and I am glad I wasn’t. My favorite parts of school were when I leaned into my full self.

It is a choice to be morphed into what society expects of us. Or we can venture down the road less traveled.


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