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Choose to Learn Creatively

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Learning doesn’t have to have one right answer. To memorize a fact. That takes the fun of it. So many things in life are actually creative yet we lose sight of it. We grow up and get boring.

Surely with math and science and the way the world works there are facts like the Earth’s gravitational pull being 9.81 meters per second every second and that squares have right angles of 90 degrees. Even still, there are so many facts that are not actually facts. There can be clouded judgment by a society that impacts how you see reality.

Learning is not meant to be a stark right and wrong. Many people lose sight of how much fun it can be to learn because they look at it in one way. Learning is innately creative. We are born into this world as creatives and then rules come into play. We forget what it means to be abstract or think innovatively about a problem.

Society simplifies much of life by lodging us into tracks of line paths. To dislodge from that track means taking a risk with an uncertain outcome that might not be worth it.

Creativity is chaotic, but it is worth it. It is what makes life more exhilarating.

I say we need to all have a reality check and realize there is not a one-size-fits-all. Have fun and form something out of nothing. It is a rewarding activity that you will not regret.


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