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Learn Optimism

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Nobody teaches us optimism. There is no course in school. No teacher encourages opinions that the event of failing happened for the best.

Despite this, you can learn it. Rather instead of helplessness, learn optimism. To choose to see the bright side of things.

In contrast, if you decide to focus your limited attention on what went wrong, your reality shifts. Instead of being a lens of opportunity, it fogs up with resentment.

This set of glasses and point of view on the world is critical. Life isn’t easy. Suffering and a full scope of emotion happen. By learning the skill of optimism, you equipped yourself with a tool that powers through. One that helps to see the light at the end of the dark dreary tunnel.

Optimists are those I want to be around. They hold hopeful views. Ones where they expect to obtain goodness. Through this belief, positive success is seen as obtainable.

We need practical optimism. This is through holding yourself accountable while being surrounded by positive people.


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