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Build your life resume

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We get brought up in life to make resumes to impress others, but nobody ever asks us to see our own personal life resume. The experiences written down on a sheet that we are most proud of. The nuances about who we are and what makes us unique.

This is what Jesse Itlzer opened my eyes to during March of 2019. That I needed to be more intentional about what I do in my life. What will be worthy of going on my life resume?

When you start a new journey or venture, ask yourself “What does success look like” at the end? What do you want to get out of it?. Don’t worry about the “how” (yet).

We control the effort that we put into anything we pursue in life. Take note of that saying in school of getting an A for effort. That is what counts when you look back in life about how much you really pushed yourself to succeed. This is a test of looking at yourself in the mirror.

We all want to live well-rounded lives so track your life against the different buckets that mean the most to you. For Jesse, these are (1)family, (2)business, (3)wellness, and (4)other things important to him like friends and charity.


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