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Happy birthday to the best Dad ever

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Oh what fun we've had over the years,
The Tarzan tree with the diaper swing,

I love it when you'd have me shift the gears on that ol' convertible,
With the top down and hair blowing crazy,
Blasting Styx and Queen
With Burgee's tongue blowing sideways.
It was the best way to get pumped up before a soccer game. 

I appreciate you coming to my swim meets,
and helping me blow out my butterflies––
they would never fly away without your help.

I miss eating peanuts on the rocking chairs,
eating the finest Eddy Spaghetti on Sunday nights,
playing kings in the corner every morning in Florida,
daddy back rides and wheelbarrowing up the stairs,
walkie talkies on the ski slopes,
taxi service rides on the flat spots when I didn't have poles,
And carving igloos out of the heaps of snow up north. 

Ending my weeks with sweet cereal Fridays,
And ending my weekends with 'creep- creep' back rubs.

I hate to love it when you call every movie a love story,
Even Jaws, even Alien vs. Predator, even Roadhouse
Even when you snore asleep, I still love you so.

You've given me the world
Yet I could be happy as a simpleton, 
Or a 'zilapiet' as Omi put it.

You encourage my curiosity and ideas,
help guide me to make my own mistakes,
In school, the pool, my relationships, my stock portfolio
And that is how you learn what not to do.

Here's to many more laps around the sun together,
Many more stories, ideas and dog walks
And a lot more fun to be had.

Thank you for always encouraging and supporting me
As you always tell me:
To have a friend, you need to be a friend,
And you've got a friend in me.

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