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Choose Consistency

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We are all granted choices when we enter the world. No one ever teaches us how to use these choices. We learn by doing.

What causes certain people to stand out is what they decide to do with choices. They are ordinary people who committed to doing one thing many times. They had the commitment. the common denominator for successful people is their consistency. they recognize that their efforts are part of a larger process. Success is inevitable when you refuse to give up.

Society places much value on a person’s character. Their body of work showcases whether they are following through on their actions.

English writer and philosopher, Aldous Huxley, remarked that “Consistency is contrary to nature, contrary to life. The only completely consistent people are the dead.”

Author, entrepreneur, and educator Seth Godin has said that he “decided a really long time ago that I was going to be consistent… What I learned from that is the way we act determines how we feel way more often than the way we feel determines how we act.”

Consistent people have developed a passion for stretching themself. They’re grateful when something is challenging. That allows for the opportunity for growth. Conquering every challenge for what you value is a chance to increase your strength. Through overcoming resistance showcases the strength of your character. What is of the greatest value requires the greatest effort. What you put in is what you get out. A growth mindset is cultivated when deliberately choosing more difficult tasks.

Everyone isn’t successful because they can’t commit to showing up everyday.


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