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Everything is research

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We enter the world not knowing much at all.

We coddle to our parents relying on them to bring us up into this foreign world to make it our home.

As we live life, we learn from it. The knowledge starts to accrue.

Only that which we apply is what sticks.

The questions we ask. The answers we receive.

The experiences that we live. The stories that we create.

The best students teach, and the best teachers learn.

As the lessons get reinforced, the wisdom starts to flow in.

The most important strength of all gets uncovered: being humble enough to accept that we can’t be and do everything. We need others.

We realize that everything is a practice. We start to challenge in saying the thing that is difficult because it needs to be said.

We love agency. It allows us to decide how our life plays out.

The lean into fear. It spurs putting our best foot forward. It motivates us not to live a small life.

We realize we will never be 100% ready for something never done before. Intuition pulls us to go, and research backs it up. Everything from our bones to the stimuli that we smell, taste, see, feel, think or hear is data. Let’s use it as the rich source that it is.


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