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Change is in our DNA

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With growth, change inevitable follows.

Friends would always write me birthday posts to me, “I love you the way you are – never change.” I understand the intent of the message. We enjoy the present so much that latching onto it with both hands is the most certainty that we have in life. The future is uncertain. That makes it intimidating.

With this scariness comes opportunity. The possibility to seek discomfort. To appreciate it as moment to explore uncharted terrain. The change may feel fleeting before it is a new normal. Nevertheless, change is a constant throughout life.

If you were doing a science experiment, the control variable would be change. Be proactive and anticipate it. It would need constant recalibration of the experiment. This is the same with life.

Because of this, it is best to embrace it. Acknowledge it and let it be. Don’t live in denial of nostalgia looking at old photographs.

Reflection is important if it serves you. Comparing back against your past self creates space to recognize how you are different. As life experiences morph your narrative overtime, your reality of the world evolves. Your implicit DNA stays constant, but that is about it.


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