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A Letter to my Intuition

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Dear Intuition,

Thank you for ridding my doubts and showing me the way. I trust you. Even though our friendship consists of silence, we don’t need words.

You help me see my inner child. The part of me that feels so far away yet has been there all along.

You are very impulsive.  Black and white. Yes or no. You help me to accept what I like and what I don’t like. You help me pick an answer and explore where it leads.

Sometimes I’m running around in my brain with too many ideas. You help me assess my choices. Thank you for helping me lead my life. It’s hard to follow what I know. Your support helps me get where I want to be.

There are so many choices in my life. It feels chaotic when I don’t have you as my compass.

I get overwhelmed looking at my bookshelf. I don’t know which to choose. I don’t ever regret what I pick up when I follow your lead.

Thank you for leading me on adventures when it is just you and me lost in the streets of Chicago. I don’t need Google Maps when I am just wandering and following the interesting paths you lead me down. I like to be lost with you. You know how novelty brings me joy.

Thank you for being my friend who stands by. I want to acknowledge you more often so we can become a dynamic duo. I want to notice when you are around.

Thank you for being who I look for to understand something immediately. I don’t need conscious reasoning when I am with you. I can trust myself the more that I trust you.


Your best friend


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