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Ten Facts About Me

  1. Introspective 26-year-old Midwesterner living the dream in Hawaii

  2. 2021 was a monumental year. Here’s my annual review

  3. Mentored for an online writing school that transformed me into the creative writer I am today

  4. Journaling has transformed my life. Watch more about my practice

  5. Seeks out adventure like sailing across Lake Huron

  6. Believes in consistency and shipped writing for 100 consecutive days

  7. Dyslexic differently-abled learner exploring different ways to learn

  8. Ran 100 miles in a month and a half marathon

  9. Favorite quirk: writing letters to my future self

  10. Intentionally adds experiences to my life resume

My Promise

If you enjoy what you read, I welcome you to support my tea drinking routine while I read and write: .

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