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You are an Expert

1 min


They are people who are at the tippity-top.

Or so I thought.

What does this word actually mean?

An experienced person.

Someone instructed by experience

One who has skill

Or extensive knowledge in a specialty.

Am I missing something?

Are we not all experts in ourselves?

No one else knows me better than I do.

This is why I am entitled.

To my own opinions.

My own experiences.

And ultimately, my own choices.

I choose to shut down the so-called syndrome.

The one that belittles me

Into feeling like a fraud.

That thought poses to the expert

That they as remote to come by

as if in a desert.

The ego rips away the rug beneath you.

The little glimpse of evidence had

vanishes unless acknowledged.

Partner with the ego

To become aware of your bias.

But never forget,

you will always

be an expert.

No one can experience your life

More exactly nor cleverly as you

Because you have lived

your own unique experience.


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