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Write for yourself

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Writing needs to start out selfishly. Create clarity of your own mind before attempting to do it for someone else. The art of journaling acts as a lint tray being emptied in the dryer. Before the wet clothes can be dried, the lint needs to be emptied to make fresh smelling clean dry cloths.

So much in life happens every day. Over the history of humanity, writing has been one of its most basic tools to communicate with others and with oneself. It is a way to help solve problems. Our minds trick us to think we can handle everything when in reality the brain is a piece of ancient hardware. It does not work effectively on overdrive. The RAM can only hold so much before the spinning rainbow wheel appears.

Without starting fresh, too much baggage is taken with you. There must be loops, like loads of laundry where reactions are occurring and changes are being made. Gradual transformations happen often, and it take noticing them to realize that they are happening. So much of life is live on auto-pilot with taken a mindful moment to look at the story that is being form of how you got there.

People care about the tory of how you got to knowing what you do. The craft of writing gives your the medium. The outcome is great, but the journey is what makes it intriguing.

How many cycles of emptying the lint were needed to get to where you have?


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