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Why Journal?

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My journal is my best friend.

She knows what I am thinking. How I am feeling. She’s seen me transform. To move from a victim in life to someone who appreciates each opportunity.

You might be thinking how can this be? It’s old fashioned technology. A paper and a pen. It’s nothing fancy.

The experiences I have from writing old-school hones my attention. It forces me to think. And to feel. To stop worrying and to acknowledge the present.

It’s has become the way that I show up for myself.

I originally started out thinking that writing every day would be good for my routine. To help me become more productive in seeing the goals I wanted to each day. I never knew all the benefits that would come along with the simple act.

I am more self-aware because I recognize my emotions. I question endlessly and force myself to pencil an answer. When I ask better questions, I can process more effective answers. I create a more mindful bond between my head and my heart. Between my body and mind. It has always been there, but it takes those moments of pondering and silence in the morning. Moments when it is just me and the pen on the paper.

Thank you journal. I can articulate how I am feeling more succinctly. These entries create learning loops of what I recall. So much gets unlearned. I can acknowledge the gifts in my life.

As author James Clear states that “Writing is the antidote to confusion.”

So when you’re confused, start writing.

If you would like to learn more about how this act has transformed my identity, read here.


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