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The (Wo)man in the Arena

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Writing online is a never-ending challenge. It feels as if everything under the sun is already on the Internet.

One moment you think you have an original idea. You type it into a search engine, and it generates 100,000+ relevant results. This is to be expected since ideas saturate the Internet.

If it is already written, it does not mean that it has been communicated to who needs to hear it.

Once hitting publish, the creation is out there in the ether. It feels like being a fresh candy-filled pinata ready to be batted with criticism. So what’s the point? Why don’t online writers all become passive consumers?

Because through taking action and being the man in the arena, it is worth the constant challenge, as Theodore Roosevelt has shared. They do not have regrets created from inaction.

This is not the default choice. People are biologically programmed to have fear. It is an emotion hardwired within us. Fear pushes us into our comfort zones. It’s where potential dies.

Those with the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s in life are comfortable. Until being in that arena and taking the risk, they don’t know what it is like. Experience in life cannot be bought.

Through being the (wo)man in the arena, you gain credibility in knowing what it is like. You can sleep at night knowing you showed up and tried. You didn’t give in to the first answer by stepping down in the face of fear.


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