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Student of mindset

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“I just started to become a student of mindset. I’d been sitting in school for 16 years being taught what to think but never how to think.” -Sara Blakely

Because of this revelation, it is part of what made Sara one of the youngest self-made female billionaires. She realized that teaching herself to think in a way that is going to fulfill her greatest potential. Blakely became curious about how to not care about what others thought. How not to fear failure and take risks. She challenged herself to manifest and visualize what she wanted out of the crazy thing we call life.

She saw women be raised up to strive to look pretty but instead chose to be brave. At the young age of 16, she made this decision. The context was after her dad left home and her friend was killed by a car while biking together. This fueled her to be courageous. These circumstances as well as that the women before her never had the chances she had. It made her push herself more than she imagined.

She turned to Wayne Dyer who she listened to day in and day out. This constant studying allowed for relearning. To gain self-discipline.

Rather than remaining to work at Disney World, failing the LSAT twice, she didn’t let the failures get to her. She found the silver lining in selling fax machines in taht she build a great skill of selling. She chose a different route, of investing in making a product that would disrupt a whole industry.

To succeed at this venture learning to put the negative self talk at bay was critical. In becoming a student of mindset, Blakely learned to control her mind, harness it, and flip the script. She leaned into trusting her intuition and trusting her idea.


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