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You can be smooth sailing in life and then all of a sudden a car hits you in the dark. You can’t plan for that. The snowball of reactions starts rolling down the hill. And the headache begins. All that is in our control is hoping that it wasn’t intentional and being grateful that everyone is safe.

Sometimes, I wish that we went back to old school pen and paper. To mail friends invites for birthday parties.

Scarcity of communication avenues made it valuable.

In this day and age, I simultaneously have disparate conversations going on with the same person across so many platforms. It’s ingenious but it also takes its toll. I get to see their face instantly disappear on Snapchat. I have to respond immediately. Then I can listen to their voice note on WhatsApp. I can value the shared intent and take longer to process. I respond putting more thought into it. Then on Instagram, I see what they ate for breakfast and comment on how I can make the same smoothie bowl.

What was life like before push notifications? What happened to pigeon carriers? Why don’t we send more mail. Sure it’s not as great for the environment but it shows thoughtfulness. It expresses that you care.


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