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Why Ship It

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Why am I doing this daily ship it?

The best habits to build are daily habits. I have learned this by being a scientist throughout my life. This is my newest experiment. My daily journaling habit is concrete but that is private. I hoard these ideas and don’t share them. I want to be more public through being prolific with publishing daily. This project will serve as the place to do that.

Why is this important?

Living in the age of abundance, the half-life of an idea is like the speed of light. Time is a precious resource that is non-refundable. I want to spend this resource wisely for myself and my readers.

I have been seeking out other great writers. As of recently, my favorite writers are:

James Clear (habits expert)

Paul Graham (start-up accelerator)

Seth Godin (business guru)

Shane Parrish (decision-making wizard)

What do they all have in common? Compression. They save readers time by not having to read fluff and creating clarity. Reading a quick blog from them guarantees no confusion with less risk of where my time goes.


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