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Pride vs. Fulfillment

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Fulfillment is quiet.

It’s important to benchmark and have small wins for yourself. It creates momentum. Without it, no one will be your cheerleader. Acknowledgement through pauses and reflection are necessary. Assess where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going. Otherwise, you will forget what the point is of the journey. In order to dig deep into the uncertainty of projects, the accelerant of energy is essential. When it is more enjoyable, you’re more likely to stick around.

Meanwhile, pride is loud.

It’s driven to get attention from others. The seeker of pride. An extension of the ego, who craves validation. It is not your fault to have this voice nested in your mind. We are all born with an ego. It is not bad to feed it. Merely caution yourself with awareness of what may be driving your ambitions.

When making a decision, don’t let the ego sit in the driver’s seat. Ask why you are choosing what you are. Let ego be in the backseat pushing you to be better. Don’t let the insecurities be belittling your potential. If he gets too much control, internal drivers, like fulfillment, get swamped. The whispering diminishes with the loud honking of pride takes over.


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