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Looking forward > Focusing backward

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You can’t drive a car looking backward. Why expect to live a life that way?

One of the main ways that I make my decisions is by looking forward and asking myself: will future Jen regret this if I don’t do this?

This question has been pushing me to be more confident in my decisions.

By setting my sights on where I want to be in the long term, it helps me in the present.

Ideally, we can be present. If you ever try meditating though you realize tendencies to think forward or behind. Wishing that you ate breakfast as your stomach grumbles. Worrying about the next meeting going well. To be present is an art that takes practice. What I have been focusing on in my present has been around fitness, mindfulness, and learning.

Choosing exercise routines that build up my health and fitness. Agency flows into my life through having daily training for my half-marathon.

Creating mindfulness practices that allow a clear-thinking mind. This has been my gratitude journaling, meditating, and walks with my thoughts.

Building learning routines that lead to reinforced and new wisdom. I have become an avid note-taker with books, podcasts, conversations, and classes. It ranges. I capture ideas in the shower and I have reflection periods at the end of each day to distill my new learnings.

Don’t get me wrong, getting introspective on the past is important. Previous actions are a great indicator of what the future holds. This is the best that investors can do. While looking at the historical behavior of a company, they envision what can happen in the forecast.

Past actions do not have to dictate the future. You can surprise yourself by choosing the choice of change. It is not the default choice. Even so, it’s up to you.

Reflection is key. You need to get your bearings. That shouldn’t come at the cost of not changing. The past is gone. There is no change left. Look at what you can change.


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