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Living a Life of Leisure

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If we do not have leisure then how do we know what constitutes work?

I grew up in a family where screen time was tracked. I couldn’t be a Slacka-saurus for a prolonged period of time. Having some sense of feeling being motivated and productive every day was essential. Sad sacks get stigmatized. They are seemingly not pulling their weight for not providing value with hard work.

To be at leisure is to be free from occupation and not busy. In a leisurely manner, someone saunters to respond to you. There is no urgency and they respond at a convenient time.
Leisure is time free from employment. Time at one’s command, free from engagement. It creates a convenient opportunity and sees as being at ease as opposed to putting out fires as a fireman.

One could argue that Warren Buffet always has leisure, but that is because he prioritizes Reading. He is not on a job where it is high urgency like being on phone spewing out caffeine from a coffee addiction.

A workaholic is like a hamster that is on the wheel going round and round. It feel like there is lack of choice. Most time individuals do not even realize they are on the wheel,
Every day can feel like a Blursday in Covid. The difficulty in determining the weekday happens not only when we do not know the difference between leisure and work.

Could an obsession be work even though someone sees it as being leisurely and enjoyable to explore that idea or concept?

There needs to be both to see the difference of what living a life of leisure is.


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