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Identity goals

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The first of August came by and then the second and third. I ran those three days. It wasn’t bad at all. I figured why don’t I try doing this every day for a month. This is something I have NEVER done before. I love conquerable challenges and seek out novelty so this aligned a lot with me.

From all the benefits from it I want to become a lifelong runner. When I shared it with peers, they immediately said “you’re being hard on yourself. Why is only labeling yourself as a lifelong runner only if you don’t miss a day? Could you live with the idea of being a 4 day a week runner, as your body continues to adjust?” I love the challenge of running every day for a month! The constraint of the inital joy going away dealt with later.

I want to speed up my progression at the beginning. The point is to push myself to the extreme to see how fast I can gain evidence that can help me to identify what I want to be. The more action taken, the less likely I am to feel like a fraud when I call myself a runner.

Ideally I want to want to without a mission or outcome in sight. For now, I have signed up for a half marathon in November. From The Charisma Truth, Olivia Fox Cabane states that “Logic makes people think, emotion makes them act.” We must figure out through emotional intelligence what drives us. This might take asking ourselves “why?” ten plus times. This is necessary to get to the truth

Thank you to James Clear on inspiring me to create identity based habits.

Thank you to James Clear on inspiring me to create identity based habits.


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