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Forcing functions

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“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” -Albert Einstein

Life is like that of an algebraic formula. Input equal outputs. We need to be intentional about the inputs we have so that they can create our desired outcome. If not intentional while pursuing a goal, look at the inputs and that is where the answer lies.

I realize this seems too simplistic to be true since life is chaotic. It doesn’t go to plan.

A forcing function is any task, activity, or event that forces you to take action and produce a result.

I bought a huge bag of apples. Because I don’t like to waste, it forces me to eat one every day.

My brain is for thinking, not for storing. I have too many ideas, so it forces me to write them

I have two able working legs and body so I can take advantage to run more. I signed up to run a half-marathon.

I have an analytical brain so I can overtake the primitive survival instincts. My emotional lizard brain doesn’t know what my future self wants to.

I can ask more questions to search for more answers.

In sharing more stories, I can become a better storyteller.

We are so tempted to follow instant gratification around our desires. Our first impulses. It’s hard to think about our future self. Setting systems in place for oneself from a forcing function allows us to make a change. Our life’s system is the culmination of our behaviors. To shift it, we need to hack our incentives and force our present self to make our future self proud.


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