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For or Against Rules?

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For or against rules?

On the surface, they sound suffocating.

Like in catholic school,

Where skirts couldn’t be too short,

And ankle socks were never worn.

They hold power,

And command to exercise supreme authority.

To have a manager

Who micro-manages

And breathes over your back

Asking for minute details

To read his mind

Yet he affords not enough questions

To divulge the envisaged success.

I crave autonomy.


To break the rules.

To feel like I bird flying freely about.

They restrict my creativity.

Why would I want self-imposed rules?

Can I not trust myself?

Where can boundaries be set,

to still be productive,

yet light.

To be supportive with structure,

yet open enough for innovation.

Mind wandering is real.

It is like intentional day dreaming.

The fleeting little marshmallows of ideas appear

Then they vanish.

Without intentionallity

Non of these will surface into substance.

They will never come to the forefront of your focused attention.

Use rules sometimes in your favor.

To work in parallel for you

And not against you.

Choose to set recess

Where havoc is wreaked.

And ground yourself in knowing

how to bring on the magicalness of ideation.

Because that is exactly it.



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