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The Feynman Technique

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Nobel prize-winning Physicist, Richard Feynman has a 4-step method as follows:

Choose a concept you want to learn about.

Grab a sheet of paper and write the name of the concept at the top. For this instance perhaps write down your name and your interests.

Pretend you are teaching it to a student in grade 6.

Explain the concept in your own words and challenge yourself to work through an example or two as well to ensure you can put the concept into action. Visualize your writing serving as your sounding board.

Identify gaps in your explanation.

Go back to the source material to answer questions and shore up your understanding.

Review and simplify.

If any technical or complex terms reoccur, rewrite it in simpler terms. Picture your explanation being understood by someone without the knowledge base you believe you already have. Challenging yourself now sets your future self up to have self-understanding.


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