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Embracing the Wonkiness

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One might describe wonky as an odd feeling. It makes you feel like you are in limbo. That you are at a stage of confusion. Yet, it is a step in the process of unleashing what is possible. So much of the sky that is our limit gets constrained by our default view on life.

A picture frame on a wall might appear crooked or off-center. This calls for adjusting to a straighter view with being parallel to the ground.

Embracing wonkiness creates friction away from the default mode. The setting is like cruise control on your car. It doesn’t know when you are driving through a construction zone or when it starts hailing. Without the awareness of this mode, you keep cruising on even when it is unsafe.

To be wonky means to feel off balance. It is the dizziness you might get from the vertigo of getting out of bed too fast in the morning.

It is the yin to the yang though. Without feeling out of it, how do you know when you are with it? Like with any cycle there are fluctuations and it is natural to have peaks lead to valleys. I wouldn’t say to look forward to the trough. Be realistic about the inevitability of them.

Choose to be proactive with how you live life. That might mean to shake the crew awake to get all hands on deck of the boat you are steering. That boat you are captaining after all is your life.


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