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With basically no ability to be flexible

and physically touch her toes

with her chipped nail polished fingertips.

She cannot run a mile without training

and feeling an inevitable death of exhaustion upon her.

While mentally she can not even comprehend

at the same capacity

as a literate young adult taking part in higher education

with copious amounts of obligatory reading

in order to succeed

putting the fortune of money

to good use in her future career.

While emotionally struggling to cope

with the more recent self-revelation.

Her ability to read.

It never revealed to be out of the ordinary.

Denying her cheeks to flush

after becoming heated with resentment for those around her

for never questioning anything to be wrong.

Even after being laughed at in her childhood

for writing the opposite way

and speaking with a lisp.

She will live on.

Finding her own way

as she has until now.



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