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Where did this word come from?

My polish grandpa Dziadzia. He’d always be calling his wife, my Basia a “choochka”. From what I know about Polish words, I think if this were a real word it would be spelled as cheuzka. When did this word get made and why? I will never know. It’s not real , but it is to my family.

Now what is that? It is simply put someone who talks a lot. This phrase takes many forms. It is actually someone who chooches A LOT. They could talk to a brick and still be having fun talking.

They are the individuals who are swinging their hands while talking on the phone. The other person cannot see your hands swinging but it makes communicating more enjoyable.

Choochka abbreviated, it is a chooch. Dziadzia (ja-ja) always called Basia (ba-sha) a chooch. It was her nickname. I remember Basia always talking. It was who she was. If she wasn’t talking then something seemed wrong. This was different though because anyone can still be a choochka.

Whenever I meet a chatterbox, in my head, I am picturing Dziadzia saying to get ready. I met a choochka.

They tend to find each other on airplanes sitting next to each other and are spewing caffeine on a red eye.


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