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Bus ride of life

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It was March of 2019. I have gotten back from a 40 day and 6,000-mile road trip across part of the US. I was on an adventure high but I also wanted to ground myself. I had been a victim of people-pleasing for much of my past.

One of my new friends had recently started living and working for this guy Jesse Itzler. She took his course and it changed her trajectory to drop out of PT school. She adopted a winning mindset and it transformed her. I wanted to give it a shot. What did I have to lose?

I had signed into a community of people who were all achievers and knew what they wanted to seize the day.

I was in awe of Jesse’s energy from lesson 1. He explained the metaphor of the bus ride of life. Our journey is short and the clock never stops. Time is NOT waiting for you to get your life together. Time doesn’t care about your circumstances. It keeps moving. You cannot go backward and there are no breaks to slow down the bus. The average American lives to be 78 years old. Your new scorecard is what you do between where you are TODAY until you’re about 78.

Along with this metaphor came lessons that we need to stop looking backwards all the time. It cannot change.

We need to take agency over fixing the flat tires in our life.

Take care of the people who are on your bus. They won’t always be there. That is how the bus ride of life goes so make the most of the present while you have the company that you do.

Chart your own path. This might include a detour and that is okay. It is better to start something now than to risk.

Everyone is on their own bus rides of life. All going in different directions at different speeds in varying styles. Don’t compare yourself. Look at where you want to go and figure out who needs to be on that bus ride with you.


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