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The plan is not going to show up out of anywhere. How can you expect to craft the masterpiece puzzle without knowing what the pieces are?

Your assumptions will get outdated. Plans change. Even for the architect who has the complete floor plan will have to tweak it eventually. The timing or resources might fluctuate. Choose to stop making endless lists around plans of what you hope to build. Get started. Rather pull out your pickaxe and become an archaeologist. Trust that your niche will emerge when you look backward in time.

Niches can be overrated. The theory is a product of an older business paradigm. It is that a product should not be launched until the niche is selected. Modern-day content works backward. Why bother spending all this time and effort nailing down your niche when you have no audience? Let your audience dictate it for you as you learn in public and get feedback from them.

Keep taking action and something will surface. Some stones in the road may have surfaced. However, there are many more discoveries needed to make up the whole masterpiece.

You don’t want to force yourself into a box that you don’t like living in. It is suffocating. Claustrophobic. Take your time and live with the ambiguity.

You have to chisel away. You don’t need to know what the right answer is when you are creating.

Think like a scientist and keep the experiments going. Make adjustments. Don’t be afraid to change your footing. Have hope that you will find the city below your feet that has burrowed itself over time. Resistance comes in full swing when she whispers to you have that have not planned ahead. That you do not have the resources to partake in the plan. We humans learn by doing. By taking action.

With enough patience, you will find yourself and your path.

References: Michael Ashcroft’s Video: Don’t pick a Niche – be prolific instead


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