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Hello, my name is

Jen Vermet.


Some fun facts

Some more generic things about me

I am a student of life. I am a young professional who is an advisory analyst in leadership development within Korn Ferry in Chicago, Illinois. In December 2018, Jen became a leadership graduate from the Dale Carnegie course and is an active member of Toastmaster’s International. I graduated from Miami University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and a minor in Management and Leadership in May 2018.

Jen is writing a book titled Be a Learn-it-all because she strives to keep challenging herself to continue learning. She became aware of her fixed mindset after reading Carol Dweck’s book Mindset The New Psychology of Success. She now strives to maintain a growth mindset. Jen wanted to pass on what she learned to others for their own benefit of self-growth.

Adventure and traveling abroad are some of the learning experiences I love most while being immersed in a foreign culture.
I attained a thematic sequence in Dutch Culture and Communication during her semester at the University of Amsterdam in 2017. I grew up living partly in the water on swim team and sailing. I was the marketing chair for the club swim team in college and has raced the longest freshwater sailing distance race in the world across Lake Michigan.

Some of my favorite things are journaling, listening to podcasts in the car, sharing stories, Dutch cheese, passport stamps, walking fluffy golden doodles, photography, getting lost in a new city, and long bike rides. Most of my wanderlust centers around improving my thinking, reflecting on experiences, and inspiring people.

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new ideas. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!



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