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Wholehearted in Hawaii

3 min

In order to say this one “yes”
It meant saying numerous “no’s”
This decision unleashed a flurry
Where I felt like I granted myself permission
To be emphatically myself,
To imagine and play with my inner child,
To wake up smiling everyday for no reason
To be idle and still and present.
Unwavering clarity came forth of what I wanted
And courage and chutzpah
All of which I am forever seeking more of.

I appreciate the Polynesian hostel that I first lived in
It made me more emotionally resilient
Meeting ephemeral friends,
Who flee hours after meeting.

I appreciate the project I was on
that allowed me to learn more about leadership
and what I liked in a company
and what I don’t like.

I appreciate the canoes surf break in Waikiki,
Where I met my roommate.
Who taught me how to turtle roll the big rollers
And welcomed me into her home.
She gave me a sense of home away from home,
Who noticed my bravery toward rejection.
She’s reminded me of what friendship and Aloha means
While learning to cook and play ukulele alongside her.

I appreciate the avocado tree that I walk under
Where I check whether the fruit is ripe yet
On my stroll to the community garden,
Where I compost my fruit peels and coffee grounds.

I appreciate the chickens and their fluffy chicks
And the handsome roosters with blood red gobblers
With their song greetings to me as the sun rises,
I rarely feel alone.

I appreciate my walk to the beach
past the soccer practices in the park
Next to the school
where all the cars funnel in to pick up children.

I appreciate time
When it speeds up and slows down
The sherbert sunsets make TV out of the question
I feel at peace with the ultimate screen saver in real time.

I appreciate my moped Ciao
Joy rides on the empty road.
The wind brings tears down my cheeks.
I can’t help but smile.
Thank you neighbor Ben for looking out for him as I am away.

I appreciate the sun
Its rays kiss my skin
They burn the bridge of my nose if I’m not careful
but it also brings me warmth.
It cures my depression
Brings me the vitamin D I’ve felt deprived of.

I appreciate my lanai
It’s not just any sunroom
It brings me the rich air of the outdoors
Along with the shelter for my laptop from the mist
And the eucalyptus leaves it brings my favorite scents of earth.

I appreciate the ground
And walking barefoot everywhere
The world feels like home.
Never a doubt has crossed my mind:
This is exactly where I am supposed to be.
Here in Hawaii.


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