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2023 Annual Reflection

5 min

April 2024

Hey 2025 Jen,

I know you’d be very pleased and satisfied with how I lived the 365 days of 2023. My actions align with my words, and with that, I am building even more self-trust than I’ve ever had. 

I reckon I am writing to you a little late. But I don’t want to resent myself in the future for not writing to you at all. I am devoted to reflection, and something about this project still felt active. I resent myself when I don’t finish meaningful projects whose timeliness feels pertinent. 

As Mike Posner sings, “Reasons are excuses wearing fancy clothes”. I told myself I wanted to tie up my year with a bow, and that’s what I’m doing now. I’m converging even more from the letter I wrote you in January about my intentions from 2023 of living with courage, connection, and peace. I also already wrote about my 28 lessons from 28 years. I’ve parsed apart much of my review, but I want to tie this all together even more. 

In 2023, we did a whole bunch of crazy things. As you know I’m an overachiever sometimes  and wrote a whole entire list of 100 experiences. Man oh man that was fun. Let’s do that again. Here’s the prompt to begin: “2024, the year that I…” 

As you look back on 2024, here’s a little snippet to get you up to speed of what happened in 2023. 

But first, here's a favorite shot taken on September 30, 2023, the day I made a Haku flower crown and had just recently returned to the island after over three months away.

What am I most proud of?

Being courageous without liquid courage

Nourishing and deepening relationships through shared experiences. 

Completing things

What are some beliefs that have shifted?

What questions am I asking myself more of these days?

It was one helluva courageous, peaceful and connected year. I’m appreciative to my past self for setting these intentions as my compass for where to go. 

Some of the first times I am most shocked by:

The cheery on top was being able to go and ski with my cousin outwest for the first time in Colorado. 

I never knew I could live such a courageous life. I’ve always been inspired by badass women like Mulan, Liz Gilbert, and Amelia Earhart. 

Unfinished projects:

Started sharing my truth

  1. Shared with my last coach that I am averse to doing productive things just for the sake of being productive. I need deeper meaning

Some lessons:

  1. I cannot force a degree of friendship. I want to see my parents as friends. I dint need to tell my friends everything. 

Books of note that impacted me:

  1. The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer
  2. Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke
  3. Devotions by Mary Oliver (still have not read it all)

“Attention is the beginning of devotion.”

  1. The Power of Regret by Daniel H. Pink

  1. Bible books Job, Genesis, and Exodus

Celebrating that I went to more concerts than ever before:

  1. Trampled by Turtles (1/13)
  2. Quinn XCII (2/20)
  3. Flight Facilitities (4/15)
  4. Iam Tongi (7/1)
  5. Noah Kahan
  6. David Kushner
  7. Payton Sullivan (
  8. Lucie Lynch (11
  9. Tavana (12/ 

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